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A Glossary Of Household, Farming And Trade Terms From Probate Inventories. 3rd edition. Rosemary Milward (Derbyshire Record Society)


This is an explanation of terms found in Derbyshire probate inventories from the 16th and 17th centuries, containing some 1,500 terms likely to be of general interest. It is the only separately published glossary of the many technical terms found in both farming and trade inventories, and provides a convenient shortcut to definitions that might otherwise have to be sought from dialect dictionaries or technical manuals. Many of the words were used throughout England at that period, but are now obsolete or spelt differently. This booklet can help anyone looking at wills, inventories, and other trade records. For example, a cousin is a kinsman, sometimes also used for a nephew, niece, or even a great friend; a crew yard was a farmyard; and a crone is an old sheep unfit to bear lambs.