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I joined Liverpool Fire Brigade (LFB) in 1969 and retired at the end of 1999. During my time with the brigade I started to maintain a list of the names of firemen with whom I had served but this particular list stops in 1974, as that is when Merseyside Fire Brigade was formed from an amalgamation of seven brigades from Bootle, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Cheshire, St Helens, Lancashire and Liverpool. Firemen joining after April 1974 became Merseyside firemen, because Liverpool Fire Brigade no longer existed.

The information has been collected from many different sources but there are still many gaps in the database which are gradually being filled but it will never be completed.

Up until 1941 LFB was part of Liverpool City Police Force, hence the nickname "Fire Bobbies". During World War II, fire brigades were organised nationally until they were returned to local authority control in 1947 but not under the control of a local police force.

Prior to 1941 to become a fireman in Liverpool you had to first enlist as a policeman and then transfer to full time fire fighting duties. Some policeman became auxiliary firemen who did not normally serve on a fire station full time but would attend large fires and assisted in fire-fighting operations. Liverpool police force was organised into Divisions and officers wore insignia denoting the Division to which they were attached. The police fire brigade was H Division and so the letter H was appended after their service number.

During World War II, there were over three thousand auxiliary firemen serving in south west Lancashire as part of the NFS Fire Force and these have not been included on the list, mainly because they did not serve in LFB. However those who died fire-fighting in Liverpool have been commemorated in the list.

In 1947 Liverpool Fire Brigade was organised into three separate divisions i.e. North, Central and South and each station was given an identification number. The attached list are the station nomenclatures as designated in 1973.

  • C1 Bankhall
  • C2 Hatton Garden
  • C3 Canning Place
  • C4 West Derby Road
  • C5 Westminster Road

  • N1 Longmoor Lane
  • N3 Storrington Ave
  • N4 Durning Road
  • S1 Mather Ave
  • S2 Conleach Road
  • S3 Tewitts Hall Farm (The Barn)
  • S4 Airport
  • S5 Banks Road
  • S6 Belvedere Road
  • S8 Derby Lane
  • S9 Belle Vale

In order to keep the list compact I have used abbreviations and these are listed below;

  • DO Divisional Officer
  • ADO Assistant Divisional Officer
  • CFO Chief Fire Officer
  • Stn O Station Officer
  • QFSM Queens Fire Service Medal
  • BEM British Empire Medal
  • AFS Auxiliary Fire Service
  • NFS National Fire Service
  • LFB Liverpool Fire Brigade
  • LSGC Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
  • LSHS Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society
  • BTS Brigade Training School
  • MI Fire E Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers
  • XXXX Did not serve in Merseyside Fire Brigade

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