'Conspiracy of Secrets' by Bobbie Neate

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'Conspiracy of Secrets' by Bobbie Neate

Post by daggers » 15 Aug 2018 14:44

This is a true story of family research involving a well-known and well-connected family, politicians in the 20th and into the 21st centuries, Formula One, golf, exhumation, bullying. It is described as ‘a biographical detective story’ and the author, who is not a professional writer, takes us through many of the processes we have used in our own family research. She shows the effect on her family and especially on herself of a domineering stepfather and we are left with unanswered questions about his background and career.

There is a local flavour in part of the book, with some curious references to an area described as ‘smart Belvedere in the eastern part of Liverpool’, and ‘the once-grand district of Belvedere’. Minor characters in the book appear as the Samuel family, who traded in silver bullion in Liverpool, who later changed their family name to Montagu. This family had links with a house called ‘Claremont’, long gone but probably near the road of that name off Smithdown Road, and with Newborough Avenue, neither of which seems to connect in any way with ‘Belvedere’ if the area near Prince's Park is meant. There are also some references to Hoylake and Liscard. I have not attempted to trace these bullion merchants or their homes but others might take up the challenge.

I borrowed the book from Allerton Library, shelved as 941.083.NEA. It was published by John Blake in 2012 at £17.99.

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