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DNA Survey

Posted: 18 Nov 2020 16:07
by MaryA
This has been received by the Society and I'm passing it on in case anybody has an interest. This doesn't constitute an endorsement by the Society.
Good morning,
Our research team at the University of Newcastle (Drs Shaw, Donnelly, Burke and Parkes from the School of Education) are conducting research into family history and DNA testing and its impacts on people’s understanding of themselves and their place in history, as well as some general demographic information. To this end, we are conducting an online survey which is expected to take about 20 minutes. This study is an Australian first and provides your group members with an exciting opportunity to be involved in a new worldwide project about exploring the past. We are hoping that you would be able to share this invitation, either by email or social media, with your group’s members and direct them to the link provided:
Thank you for considering this invitation,