Another Blitz Enquiry from a Film Studio

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Another Blitz Enquiry from a Film Studio

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This is an enquiry that has been sent to the Society and is being passed on in case any of you have an interest in following it up
I am contacting you from Blink Films,
the producers of a new television history series called 'The Search' (w/t)
for a major UK broadcaster.

This new series will focus on the personal stories of ordinary people who
were involved in major events in modern British history. Each programme will
follow individuals on a journey of detection as they search for a long-lost
friend, family member or significant stranger who helped them through this
time or had a lasting impact on their life.

For our first series we are keen to tell the stories of individuals who
experienced the Blitz on Britain during the Second World War. We are looking
to find individuals who experienced the bombing in Liverpool first hand and
who might want to reunite with someone who helped or supported them during
this time.

I wanted to get in touch with your organization to ask whether your may be
able to provide any help or advice on connecting with individuals who lived
through the bombing in Liverpool. I would love to speak with you further on
the phone about your work in the local community, and explain further about
our series. We feel passionately that the history of the Blitz throughout
Britain is an important story for us to tell and I would greatly appreciate
any assistance that you can give me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best wishes,
Contact rosie.potter at (change at to @ to use this address).
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