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Book Giveaway

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Would you like to win £50 of family history or genealogy books from amazon?
I don't know if this enquiry is of interest to you and your society.
I will be releasing a book in the new year and am running a giveaway. The prize is £50 of family history or genealogy books and the winner gets to choose the books they would like. It ends 6 December at 11.45pm.
If this is something you think your members would be interested in the link to the giveaway is here: ... tmas-copy/
Should you be investigating a Victorian Ancestor here is my book blurb. Who Do I Think You Were? A Victorian’s Inheritance
Walter Parker was a working-class boy who grew up in the model agricultural village of Thorney, Cambridgeshire, owned by the 11th Duke of Bedford. Aged just 21 years, Walter escaped a toxic emotional inheritance to make something of himself in the New World. His is a story of toil, resilience, and perseverance.
In this first volume of Who Do I Think You Were? family historian and counsellor Helen Parker-Drabble, uses genealogy, social history, and psychological theory to deepen her understanding of the early life of her grandfather.
In A Victorian's Inheritance, Helen demonstrates how personality traits, reactions and patterns of behaviour can be passed down the generations. She reveals how environment and life experiences can trigger life-changing mechanisms in our genes. The result is a fascinating exploration of a Victorian’s inheritance.
Good luck!
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