Enquiries to the Society

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Enquiries to the Society

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We are getting many enquiries from people doing their own research who appear to think that the Society hold archive records. This is not the case, all records are held at the Liverpool Record Office. Also be aware that documents held in the Archive Room require 24 hours notice before they are available.

Although the Society hosts Help Desks throughout the area, the volunteers are unable to undertake individual searches of the archives. If they had time available they may possibly be able to carry out brief look ups, if the exact details, ie date and references are known, but this should not be taken for granted as the Help Desk afternoons are very busy - I have known one particular afternoon where 31 people were assisted in the space of two and a half hours.

If a gratuitous research offer was to be made, it would probably be only to Society Members.

If you wanted to hire a private researcher we would be happy to let you have details of a couple, these would be your own responsibility to contact and the Society takes no responsibility for them.

Why not give our Facebook Group or Forum a try, register with us and see if we can make any suggestions or help in any way, I'm sure you will be happy enough that you will eventually wish to join our Society, which is a requirement after being a forum member for six months.
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