Liverpool Hospitals and dates

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Liverpool Hospitals and dates

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Thanks to Alcavtay for this list, but if anybody wishes to add extra information it can be incorporated.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, 1915-1984
Belmont Road Institution/Hospital , 1909-1950 - Later, Newsham General Hospital.
Bootle Borough Hospital, c1898-1976
Broadgreen Hospital, 1931-1989
David Lewis Northern Hospital,1833-1975
Fazakerley Hospital, 1902-1974
Fazakerley Sanatorium, 1920-c1950
Home for Incurables, 1875-1885 - Later Liverpool Home for Incurables/Home for Invalid Women/
Princes Park Hospital. - Home for Invalid Women, 1948-1969 - Also Home for Incurables, Liverpool Home for Incurables,
Liverpool Area Health Authority, 1844-1986
Liverpool City Sanatorium for Tuberculosis, 1919
Liverpool Dental Hospital,1879-1970
Liverpool Ear, Nose and Throat Infirmary, 1820-1978
Liverpool Hahnemann Hospital and Homoeopathic Dispensaries,1871-1976
Royal Southern Hospital, 1841-1980
Sefton General Hospital, 1950-1986 Earlier Smithdown Road Infirmary - Smithdown Rd, Liverpool
Smithdown Road Workhouse/Institution/ Infirmary,1860-1950 - Later Sefton General Hospital.
Sparrow Hall Hospital, 1920-1943
St Paul’s Eye Hospital, 1872-1992 - later moved to the Liverpool Royal
Walton Workhouse/Institution/Hospital, 1898-c1998
Women’s Hospital, Catharine Street, 1870-1996
Liverpool Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, 1864-1928
Liverpool Infirmary for Children,1857-1920
Later Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital
Liverpool Maternity Hospital, 1826-1995
Liverpool Royal Infirmary, 1749-1983
Liverpool Stanley Hospital, 1867-1965
Liverpool Women’s Hospital, Crown Street, 1995-2002
Mill Road Hospital/Maternity Hospital, 1857-1994
Newsham General Hospital, 1950-1988
Earlier Belmont Road Institution.
Rainhill Asylum/Hospital, 1851-1981 Serving Liverpool
Royal Liverpool Babies Hospital, 1924-1975
Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital, 1920-1990
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