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Street Index to 1851 Census of Liverpool 

This is an index to the Liverpool Streets, etc that were enumerated in the 1851 Census. It includes all the street names that appeared in Piece No's HO 107/2176 to HO 107/2193 inclusive and covers both the Inner District or Borough of Liverpool and the Outer Districts. A Surname Index along with other Census Information in these Piece No's has been published in a series of sixty volumes which are listed on the Publications Page.


The table headings are: Street Name, etc - LVRO Ref - Piece No - Enumeration District - Index Volume No.


The street index identifies the street name with the Enumeration District (ED) in which it appears. ED's are identified in two ways 1) by LVRO (Liverpool Record Office) Reference e.g. 2177.1.1 where 2177 is the PRO Piece reference, the first .1 is the Piece Section Number and the second .1 is the ED number within the part Piece. and 2) by the PRO Reference e.g. 2177 & 1mm where 1mm is the corresponding ED number. In the PRO system the ED numbers are not duplicated within a Piece and start with 1a to 1z then 1aa etc as required. Occasionally it appears that the Registrar has introduced his own numbers.


Streets are on separate pages please Click on first letter of street name.